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Real time roadworks information

You can view all road closures in South Gloucestershire on the interactive map-based TravelWest website. You can also search for street utilities and council roadworks on the One Network website.

This information is constantly updated. The website shows all works carried out by public utilities companies, South Gloucestershire Council and Highways England. It also includes information on any events which may cause congestion or require road closures.

Results are shown as a report or an interactive map and you can subscribe to receive alerts for new roadworks in your area or commuter route via email.

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Council highway schemes

Our StreetCare team is responsible for managing and maintaining the highway network through planned or reactive maintenance.

We also design and implement new schemes to provide:

  • road safety benefits – speed limits or traffic calming measures
  • new cycle and pedestrian facilities – cycle paths, zebra crossings, pedestrian refuges
  • highway network improvements – traffic signal installations, road widening
  • bus priority measures – bus lanes, bus stops/shelters

We also carry out regular planned maintenance on our highway drainage systems, structures including bridges, footbridges, safety barriers and retaining walls as well as resurfacing of our roads and footpaths. We use survey and inspection information to prioritise repairs and upgrades.

Using our asset management approach to resurfacing, we divide our work programme into the different processes used: surface dressing, micro asphalt and slurry seal.

You can read the latest list of highway works scheduled to last two or more weeks and the latest maintenance programme.

Highway inspections repairs and maintenance

Under the Highways Act 1980 each highway authority has a duty to maintain the council’s adopted road and footway network. In South Gloucestershire we do this by proactively surveying and inspecting our roads and footpaths. How often we inspect each road or footpath is determined by its classification (for instance an A or B road) and how busy it is. The busiest routes across South Gloucestershire, such as major A roads and town centres, are inspected once a month. Other routes are inspected on a quarterly, six-monthly or annual basis.

Any reported defect/pothole is inspected/assessed and those which meet the council’s intervention criteria are repaired within predetermined timescales. Typically this means repairs to defects will be carried out between two hours and 12 weeks after they were reported depending on their severity.

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