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Requesting traffic management and road safety improvements

A process to request a new traffic management or safety scheme was approved in January 2017 following the removal of area forums.

The new process involves two stages and aims to maximise the resources available to us by implementing schemes which provide the most benefit in local transport and value for money terms.

Transport goals

The Joint Local Transport Plan (2011-2026) sets out policies to deliver an affordable, low carbon, accessible, integrated, efficient and reliable transport network to support a more competitive economy and better connected, more active and healthy communities.

All suggested new schemes will be scored against the following objectives:

  • reduce carbon emissions
  • support economic growth
  • promote accessibility
  • contribute to better safety, security and health
  • improve quality of life and benefit a healthy natural environment

The scoring process provides a robust method of evaluating and comparing proposals in a consistent manner, highlighting those that best match up with these important strategic objectives.

How it works

The Local Transport Priority List is made up of two separate lists:

1.Local Transport Priority List of Investigation Schemes

The Local Transport Priority List of scored investigation schemes records all the schemes previously requested ,that are competing for detailed and full investigation by the Assess and Decide traffic management team.

2. Local Transport Priority List of Implementation Schemes

The Local Transport Priority List of scored and costed implementation schemes records all the schemes justified and competing for implementation in the on-going Capital Programme each year.

Stage 1 – Investigation

Suggestions for all new traffic management and road safety schemes must be submitted via the Highways Investigation Request Form. Each suggested scheme requires the support of at least one local ward member or parish councillor on behalf of the parish council.

Once submitted, requests will be assessed for viability. All viable schemes will be entered onto the Local Transport Investigation List. Once a year all investigation list schemes will be scored and prioritised for investigation against the council’s Joint Local Transport Plan goals.

In any given year the 15 highest scoring prioritised schemes will be published in the council’s Capital Programme and fully investigated.

There are three possible outcomes of each investigation:

  1. A simple low cost affordable solution is identified and programmed for immediate implementation.
  2. No scheme is recommended and the applicant(s) is informed no further action will be taken.
  3. A more involved scheme is identified and entered as a priority scheme on the Local Transport Priority List (see below).

Stage 2 – Implementation

Once a year all priority list schemes will be scored and prioritised against the council’s Joint Local Transport Plan goals. All priority list schemes are allocated an estimated cost. This figure is divided by the local transport priority score. Schemes which afford the most favourable overall cost / benefit relationship are prioritised first.

The top scoring schemes are entered onto the council’s Capital Programme for implementation. The number of schemes added to the programme each year will depend upon the level of funding available.

The competing investigation schemes and competing implementation schemes for 2019-20 are available to view. Our StreetCare works programme for 2019 is also available.

Making a request

Suggestions for new transport schemes should be made by filling in the attached form and emailing it back to

Notification of a decision will be sent via email or post if requested.

Please read our FAQs before filling in the form.

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