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Coronavirus (Covid-19): service updates, support and health advice.

Requesting traffic management and road safety improvements

You can use this page to request a new traffic management or safety scheme.

Our two-stage process aims to maximise the resources available to us by implementing schemes which provide the most benefit in terms of safety, local transport and value for money.

Request a new scheme


The Local Transport Priority List is in place for people who live and work in the area to raise issues and make suggestions about changes and improvements to the highway, footway and cycling infrastructure. We are now using this system to assess requests and suggestions which relate to locking in benefits or pinch points that may need further management to maintain social distancing as lockdown relaxes.

We have committed to investigating suggested schemes which will help with social distancing faster than normal.

We welcome any useful suggestions and if there are any interim measures we can implement to easily help people maintain social distancing we will put these in place as soon as possible. If you have a suggested improvement, please discuss with your town or parish council first if possible and use the form to submit your idea.

Transport goals

The Joint Local Transport Plan (2011-2026) sets out policies to deliver an affordable, low carbon, accessible, integrated, efficient and reliable transport network to support a more competitive economy and better connected, more active and healthy communities.

All suggested new schemes will be scored against the following objectives:

  • reduce carbon emissions
  • support economic growth
  • promote accessibility
  • contribute to better safety, security and health
  • improve quality of life and benefit a healthy natural environment

The scoring process provides a robust method of evaluating and comparing proposals in a consistent manner, highlighting those that best match up with these important strategic objectives.

Executive Member Decision for the Environment and Community Services Capital Programme 2021-22.

How it works

The Local Transport Priority List is made up of two separate lists:

1. Local Transport Priority List of Investigation Schemes

The Local Transport Priority List of scored investigation schemes records all the schemes previously requested ,that are competing for detailed and full investigation by our Assess and Decide traffic management team.

2. Local Transport Priority List of Implementation Schemes

The Local Transport Priority List of scored and costed implementation schemes records all the schemes justified and competing for implementation in our ongoing Capital Programme each year.

You can find out more about the process by reading the Local Transport Priority List process. Please note that in response to Covid-19, some elements of this process may be relaxed to allow new measures to be introduced more quickly.

Making a request

Suggestions for new transport schemes should be made by filling in the request form and emailing it back to

Notification of a decision will be sent via email or post if requested.

Please read our FAQs before filling in the form.

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