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Stay safe on our roads during the hot weather

This news article was published more than a year ago. Some of the information may no longer be accurate.

Published: 19/07/2013

Motorcyclists in particular are reminded of the importance of continuing to wear normal protective equipment.

Senior Road Safety Officer Alan Hale said: “As someone who rode motorcycles as part of my previous job, I fully appreciate the temptation not to wear the normal protective equipment when it is very hot.

"Nonetheless I would advise riders not to yield to the temptation. Leathers are designed to take the impact abrasion as you slide along the road after coming off and without that protection your skin takes the impact. Equally it is vital that you wear gloves and motorcycle boots, as failure to do so can lead to de-gloving of the skin from the hands which instinctively reach out to protect you from impact.

He added: "Motorcycle collisions continue to be a source of severe injury, especially to the foot and without boots there is a risk of traumatic amputation of the feet in certain circumstances.”

The road safety team also recommend that cyclists wear gloves for similar reasons and also a cycle helmet.

Front seat passengers in cars are also advised to beware of unsafe practices during the hot weather.

Mr Hale added: “In the warm weather we often see the practice of putting your feet up on to the dash board resting on the air bag cover.

"In the event of a collision I am sure that you run the risk of compounding any leg fracture up into your pelvis or for your legs to go through the windscreen but when the air bag deploys it is akin to an explosion of great force and the piece of plastic cover has to go somewhere and that somewhere runs every chance of cutting through your legs.

"The seat belt is also designed to be worn in the seated position for full effectiveness. I would urge people to ride in a safe seated position to lessen the chance of death or serious injury."

South Gloucestershire Council’s Road Safety Team delivers motorcycle training for the riders of large capacity machines and also commuter motorcycle training. For young drivers between 17 and 24 in work or are in full time education in South Gloucestershire the road safety team work with the Institute of Advanced Motorists. The partnership encourages the age group to take the ‘Skills For Life’ course with the IAM and if successful the team refunds the cost of the course.

The Road Safety Team can be contacted on 01454 863607 or via

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