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Business and commercial waste

The type of waste is defined according to the process or premises that has produced it. Business and commercial waste includes waste from premises that are used either wholly or predominantly for trade, business, sport, recreation or entertainment.

It does not include household or industrial waste.

Examples of business waste:

  • waste produced at households by builders and contractors
  • waste collected from a household by commercial organisations for payment
  • waste from a household brought to site by anybody other than the householder
  • waste from rented properties collected by the landlord or his agents
  • waste from business activities conducted at home including childminding, accountancy, salon etc.
  • any other commercial or industrial waste as defined by the Controlled Waste Regulations 1992

If the waste you produce comes under one or more of these, then you have a legal duty to ensure it is dealt with in the correct way.

If you are looking to dispose of commercial waste in South Gloucestershire then you can take it to one of the two transfer stations operated by SUEZ.

No commercial waste is accepted at the four Sort It recycling centres.

South Gloucestershire Council can arrange for a commercial waste collection by a registered waste carrier but will make a 20% administration charge.

Providers of licensed commercial waste collections can be found through online search engines or local telephone directory. It is your legal duty to ensure that the waste is collected by a licensed waste carrier to ensure that it is disposed of correctly.

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