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Seasonal flu jabs

This news article was published more than a year ago. Some of the information may no longer be accurate.

Published: 01/10/2013

The national immunisation programme starts in October and runs through to March next year. An awareness campaign is launching which targets certain groups of people to take up the vaccination who may be at greater risk of developing health complications if they contract flu.

These include those with certain chronic health conditions, the over 65s, pregnant women, carers and those who have a weak immune system. This year, children aged between two and three (on September 1, 2013) are also eligible for the vaccination which is given as a nasal spray.

You will receive a letter from your GP inviting you to make an appointment to get vaccinated if you are eligible for the free flu vaccination.

Dr Mark Pietroni, Director of Public Health for South Gloucestershire, said: “It’s very important for your health, or if you are pregnant, for the health of your unborn baby, that you take up the offer of vaccination and arrange an appointment with your GP or nurse. If you know someone who is 65 or over, or is in one of the high risk groups, suggest they get a flu jab too.”

For more information and advice on seasonal flu or to find out whether you are eligible for a free vaccination, visit the Department for Health website Department of Health website and

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