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Recycling and waste collections

This news article was published more than a year ago. Some of the information may no longer be accurate.

Published: 18/01/2013

We were unable to collect bin waste on Friday. On Monday we were back out collecting, but there were some roads where it was not safe to collect. Today, the conditions mean that collections are slow and some roads will be not safe to collect from. Therefore it is unlikely that all scheduled collections will be completed today.

Our advice to residents is, If we are unable to collect on your usual due date because of bad weather, please take your waste back in and bring it out on the next due date for that material.

For food waste in the food buckets this will be just one week later. For other materials, such as the black bin waste, this will be a fortnight later. We recognise that this is an inconvenience. We suggest that additional waste that can no longer be fitted inside the black bin, be stored in bags inside a container such as the green wheeled bin and taken out and placed alongside the black wheeled bin on the next due date.

The collection crews will be instructed to then take up to an equivalent of an additional black bin’s bagged waste alongside the black wheeled bin from each property on the next collection (about three bags for a normal size bin). ​

Before we introduced the weekly food waste collections, we would have tried to “catch up” but this didn’t work because if there were more than one day of disruption no-one knew when their waste was going to be collected, and materials were left out for days on end. The crew then arrived a couple of days later, half the bins wouldn’t be out and so would be missed – leading to frustration for residents.

By keeping to the published schedule, only the areas affected by the bad weather are involved and the residents know when their next collection is due. This is also why we don’t swap green bin weeks.

We apologise for the disruption but experience has taught us that this is the better way to deal with it, now that food waste can be collected weekly.

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