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Last chance to book a free place at carers event

This news article was published more than a year ago. Some of the information may no longer be accurate.

Published: 16/04/2012

The actual event takes place at the University of the West of England on Saturday 14 April from 10am to 3.30pm and has been organised to recognise the valuable roles carried out by an estimated 24,000 carers in South Gloucestershire. The day provides an opportunity for carers to meet other people in similar situations, find out what support is available, get advice on balancing their responsibilities with life outside caring, as well as celebrating the role of carers by having some fun and trying out new activities.

And with more than 40 stands and displays focusing on the wide range of services and support available to family carers, there should be something of interest for all ages, from young carers who help care for another child or adult to adult carers like Kingswood resident Denise. Denise is a member of a carers group supported by South Gloucestershire Council. She cares for her 31-year-old-son Daniel who has Down’s syndrome and lives at home, as well as her husband who has terminal cancer and she also looks after her elderly parents who live nearby. She said: “After over 30 years, caring is a part of me now and I don’t know what it would be like not being a carer. I don’t often sit still! Walking to my mum and dad’s is good therapy and exercise – I look forward to it and having my grandchildren around and doing the school run keeps me fit, too.

“I do a lot of juggling to care for my son, parents, and my husband and my advice to other carers would be to take each day as it comes – don’t look too far ahead. Be organised and make sure everything’s on your calendar. Tap into a local support network, like the carers’ group I go to. You can go there for emotional and practical support, find out about different ways of doing things and have a good moan or a giggle! It keeps me going talking to other people in the same boat, and I’m a good listener too. It feels good when you can pass on your experiences and advice to carers who are new to it or have issues that you’ve been through.”

Sue Jaques, community engagement officer who runs the carers’ group Denise attends, said: “I think Denise is an inspirational carer because she looks after and cares for several people with a wide variety of conditions, treating each person as an individual and working out with them what is best for them and the whole family. She is a very pragmatic person, raising issues in a practical way and looking for solutions.”

Whether you care for family members or you help out a neighbour by fetching their shopping, doing a spot of cleaning to mowing their lawn, join the Celebrating Carers event this Saturday, 14 April, at the University of the West of England Exhibition and Conference Centre, Frenchay Campus, Filton Road, Bristol BS34 8QZ.

To book a free place call us on 01454 862356.

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