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Hotel licence review upheld on appeal

This news article was published more than a year ago. Some of the information may no longer be accurate.

Published: 10/05/2013

In future the Portcullis will only be allowed to carry out activities requiring a licence until 11.30pm on Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights, and it must close at 12 midnight to non residents. The court also placed conditions on the premises for all music to be played through a noise limiting device and the outside courtyard is only to be used for smoking after 11pm with no alcohol permitted.

During the hearing held between April 22 and 24 which concluded on May 3, the court heard evidence from police officers, South Gloucestershire Council and local residents about how the hotel was being poorly run. This had resulted in disorder from the premises spilling over onto the street outside the hotel between 11pm to 2.30am at weekends, causing a nuisance to nearby residents.

Avon and Somerset Police initially brought the review action against the hotel last year on grounds of crime and disorder. The matter was brought before the council’s Licensing Sub-Committee on December 11, 2012 where a decision was taken to reduce its licensing hours, suspend the licence for three months and remove the designated premises licence-holder.

An appeal against these changes was unsuccessful, though suspension of the licence for three months was overturned by the court. In addition South Gloucestershire Council was awarded £8,000 in costs for the work taken to gather and present evidence to the court.

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