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Gritting fleet prepared for weekend snow

This news article was published more than a year ago. Some of the information may no longer be accurate.

Published: 16/01/2013

The 11 high-tech vehicles will be in operation around the clock to prepare for heavy snowfall forecast for this Friday and Saturday.

All main routes on the district’s road network, as well as main cycle paths and footways, will be salted to ensure they are free of ice.

And if snow falls over the weekend, snow ploughs will be used to ensure that roads stay safe and usable for local residents and businesses.

The council has one of the largest salt stocks in the former Avon area, with over 5,000 tonnes stored at its depot.

Head of the council’s StreetCare service Mark King said: “We have seen temperatures getting progressively colder over the last few days and all main routes in the district have been regularly salted to prevent ice developing. We are also salting main cycle paths and footways.

“If snow does fall on Friday and Saturday, as forecast, we will be fully prepared with snowploughs on 24-hour standby to clear roads.

“We encourage motorists, cyclists and pedestrians to heed local weather warnings and to take extra care when out and about on the district’s roads and footpaths.”

The winter maintenance team runs a high-tech operation with GPS-enabled vehicles and a network of roadside sensors used to monitor road conditions throughout the district.

Most gritting is done at night to keep traffic congestion to a minimum.

The service is recognised as one of the best-performing in the UK, both in terms of its track record in keeping the roads open, and in overall cost-effectiveness.

Latest information on council services affected by severe weather, including school closures and details of winter gritting routes, is available from

Updates are also available via the council’s Twitter feed @sgloscouncil

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