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Get prepared during Business Continuity Week

This news article was published more than a year ago. Some of the information may no longer be accurate.

Published: 13/03/2013

The council’s emergency planning team has published a selection of checklists to help residents prepare their homes, cars and families for emergencies.

And the team is also encouraging local businesses to review their business continuity plans to make sure that if disaster struck, they would be able to limit the impact of a crisis and recover more quickly.

Team manager Simon Hailwood said: “Business continuity planning might sound like something that only big organisations do but it can actually benefit everyone, from small business to individuals and their families.

“By planning in advance what to do if disaster struck, it’s possible to limit the damage and get back to normal more quickly.

“For example even simple measures like making sure you have an emergency kit in the boot of the car could make a big difference if you broke down during severe weather.

“And for businesses, a simple continuity plan could help prevent potentially disastrous interruptions to your cashflow by helping you get back on your feet more quickly.”

The council’s emergency planning team works with partners in the emergency services, voluntary sector and other agencies to ensure that the district is prepared for and able to respond to major incidents and other large-scale emergencies.

It also provides free and unbiased help and advice to residents and businesses to help them with their own emergency and business continuity plans.

Resources include professional advice and support for businesses, as well as guidance for residents to help them prepare their homes, families, cars and pets for the worst.

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