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Councils to consider West of England devolution deal

This news article was published more than a year ago. Some of the information may no longer be accurate.

Published: 22/06/2016

Members of South Gloucestershire Council, Bath & North East Somerset Council, and Bristol City Council will each meet on Wednesday 29 June to consider the proposals for the Government’s devolution deal, worth £1 billion to the West of England.


In South Gloucestershire, the deal is being considered by full Council when councillors will have an opportunity to have a say on the recommendations in the committee report (link below).


Cllr Matthew Riddle, Leader of South Gloucestershire Council, said: “Members of the council will decide on Wednesday 29 June if they wish to support the £1 billion devolution deal negotiated with the Government. If accepted, the deal would devolve significant powers to the region, including decisions about transport, investment, funding, skills training, business support, housing and strategic planning. All of this will benefit South Gloucestershire as these issues are bigger than any single local authority boundary, but joint decisions will reflect local priorities.

“The deal on offer is among the best negotiated across the country, and it is conditional on the introduction of an elected West of England mayor to oversee these devolved arrangements.”

If councillors in South Gloucestershire decide to back the deal and if councillors in Bristol and Bath and North East Somerset also accept it, local people will have their opportunity to make their views known to the Secretary of State as part of a public consultation during July.

The Government will take a final decision on the proposal after the consultation closes.


South Gloucestershire Council’s meeting on June 29 starts at 7pm and is being held at Kingswood Civic Centre. A full copy of the papers is available online.

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