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Consultation roadshow to drive engagement in Filton

This news article was published more than a year ago. Some of the information may no longer be accurate.

Published: 09/12/2015

People from Filton can give their views about future local housing and transport provision at a roadshow at the South Gloucestershire & Stroud College Filton Campus, from 12-2pm on Tuesday 5 January, 2016.

The West of England’s four local councils have launched a series of roadshows to help shape the Joint Spatial Plan and Transport Study being developed for the area.

The Filton event will give local residents the opportunity to assess the options and help determine infrastructure for future generations, in addition to taking part in the consultation process online.

The West of England is growing and economically successful: the area is worth around £26bn a year to the UK economy and forecasting shows that 95,000 jobs are anticipated for creation by 2036.

If the West of England is to remain economically successful, it is important to have the homes and transport in the right place to accommodate future growth in a sustainable way.

Councillor Matthew Riddle, Leader of South Gloucestershire Council/Councillor Brian Allinson, Chair of the South Gloucestershire Planning, Transport and Strategic Environment Committee and Chairman of the West of England Joint Transport Board, said: “This consultation gives our residents the opportunity to help us shape the way housing and transport development is done for future generations. It is crucial that the public don’t miss this opportunity to get involved. We would urge anyone who is interested in housing and transport in the area to get have their say.

“We want to hear from current residents who are renting or in their own homes, as well as those who want to know they will be able to have those choices here in ten, 20 or 30 years’ time.

“We are committed to a forward-thinking approach to guiding development so it is not just about houses, but the transport infrastructure that allows people to live, get to work and travel in their leisure time. We want to plan all this ahead, rather than having to try and squeeze vital transport links in as an afterthought. This is key to unlocking future investment across the West of England so that everyone benefits.”

For those who are unable to attend the roadshow, there is a dedicated website where people can find out all about the consultation. Visit

Residents who want to help the councils across the West of England to striking the right balance between quality of life and economic growth should get involved before the close date on Friday 29 January 2016.

You can also follow the consultation on Twitter @WEjointplanning and join the discussion using the hashtag #WEbuildourfuture.

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