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Community volunteers thanked at event

This news article was published more than a year ago. Some of the information may no longer be accurate.

Published: 25/09/2013

South Gloucestershire Council hosted the event at Grimsbury Farm, Kingswood to celebrate the many friends groups and volunteers who help to maintain our parks, nature reserves and public rights of way throughout the district. Groups and individuals from a range of ages and backgrounds were honoured by Vice Chairman Cllr Howard Gawler who praised them for their invaluable work and dedication.

The event began with speeches by the council’s head of StreetCare Mark King, community spaces coordinator Alan Sherratt, and Pete Davis, volunteer and chairman of the Friends of Grimsbury Farm who spoke about the history of the group, the farm and café.

A series of helpful workshops on how to set up volunteer groups, fundraising tips, and advice about insurance were also held along with information from CVS South Gloucestershire and the council’s public rights of way team. The most popular workshop was a speed networking session in the farm’s Barn Café which allowed volunteers to mix and discuss issues affecting their groups.

South Gloucestershire Council’s head of StreetCare Mark King said: “It was great to have an opportunity to officially thank these volunteers for the huge contribution they make to our parks and open spaces in South Gloucestershire. Their hard work and commitment ensures that we can all enjoy the best of what the district has to offer.”

There are hundreds of volunteers throughout South Gloucestershire who work to help manage our parks, nature reserves and public rights of way as well as carrying out essential duties such as litter picking in these areas.

The event took place on Thursday 12 September.

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