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Sport - business opportunities

We work closely with a range of agencies to develop programmes and access external funding for sport.

This may be directly to a sports governing body eg. Sport England, The Football Foundation etc., or through other funding streams including charities, voluntary sector organisations or other groups. We also support clubs and groups in funding applications they are making by providing advice and expertise about where and how to apply, but also who they may be able to engage with as a delivery partners.

How we decide to allocate external funding we receive

In the majority of cases our funding applications will have been made to a sports governing body with a specific outcome in mind, such as an application to Sport England to fund a programme for increasing participation in a given sport.

We will make the application based on our being able to deliver certain programmes to a standard as stipulated by the funding body, and we will consider which partner is best placed to assist us in delivery of the programme.

Our standards for delivery partners are around:

  • credibility in the field (have we heard about them, are they renowned for high quality?)
  • proven track record (what have they achieved and how long have they been providing the service?)
  • mission, vision and values (do they align well with community sport?
  • established processes for ensuring high quality (evidence of quality control in place?)
  • capacity to deliver (can they demonstrate this?)
  • pricing (is this reasonable and based on qualifications and expertise?)

Once we have made a decision we will formalise the arrangement using a Service Level Agreement. This information can be made available to the funding body if required.

How we work with partners on decisions about external funding they received

Where we are supporting a partner on their funding application we would advise that they adopt the same broad principles as if the funding was coming directly to us (see above), so whilst no formal ‘toolkit’ exists for assessing the suitability of delivery partners for clubs, we will ask that all potential delivery partners are considered fully against the standards above.

Also, that minutes are kept by clubs/ groups with details as to how a decision was made about the use of a particular partner. There are further guidelines available for voluntary sector bodies at:

Who we use to deliver programmes currently

We are always looking for high quality sports professionals to help us engage with people using a range of programmes, and we are currently working with the following agencies and delivery partners:

  • South Gloucestershire Physical Activity and Sports Association Voluntary sector sports clubs
  • Dance South Gloucestershire
  • FE and HE (UWE , South Glos & Stroud College)
  • Action First
  • Future Stars
  • Bristol Community Rugby Foundation
  • Sports 1st
  • Circadian Trust
  • Bristol City FC Community Development
  • Total Coaching
  • South Gloucestershire PE Association
  • BUDS and SUDS
  • Schools (The Grange, Yate International Academy)

How you can get involved

If you are interested in working with us, either in a sports coaching or project

coordination/delivery capacity, then please get in touch using one of the links on the page. For larger projects and for information on becoming an Approved Council Supplier please go to the Tenders and contracts page.

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