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The Battle of the Somme learning resources

These free cross curricular and downloadable learning resources have been created from local stories to inspire the students of today to engage with local people of the past.

Suitable for KS 2/3

History, English, Art and IT

Amy Hill autograph book KS2/3

A VAD nurse gave her autograph book to the convalescent soldiers to keep them occupied – they drew cartoons, wrote poems and signed their names.
Trace the battle of the Somme through the places the soldiers were wounded online or draw storyboard cartoons and write poetry in the fashion of the day.

The Hill and the Flux family

The students will look at how the war affected a large family, typical of many local families, considering the choices and the consequences, which scattered this family all over the world in the aftermath of the war.

A broad curriculum based learning resource, reflecting our rich cultural heritage and encouraging the discussion of challenging issues.
National Curriculum: History/English/RE/Citizenship

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