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Flood Re

What is Flood Re?

Food Re is a joint Government and insurance industry initiative to enable you to find affordable insurance for qualifying properties that are at risk of flooding or have been flooded. You can also get help finding out more about flood risks to your home and how you can help to reduce them.

Can Flood Re help me?

Flood Re works in the background, helping the insurance industry offer more affordable insurance to everyone with eligible properties that may be at risk of flooding.

What do I need to do?

  • talk to your insurer and ask if your home is eligible for the Flood Re scheme. Visit the Flood Re website for details of eligibility
  • be prepared to shop around
  • remember finding the right advice and products is important

Do I make claims through Flood Re?

No. You will continue to buy insurance and make claims through your insurer in the same way as you do now.

What can I do to prevent flooding?

Find out more about flood risk levels in your area and how to minimise the impact on your property at


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