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Living well with dementia

Dementia is a common condition for people over the age of 65. As you get older, you may find that memory loss becomes a problem. It’s normal for your memory to be affected by age, stress, tiredness, or certain illnesses and medications. This can be concerning if it happens occasionally, but if it’s affecting your daily life or is worrying you or someone you know, you should seek help from your GP.

If you do have dementia, an early diagnosis may help you get the right treatment and support in place in good time.

You can find out more information about dementia on the NHS Website.

Come along to our living well with dementia roadshows.

There is also help and support available for people with dementia in South Gloucestershire which can be found on our website and the Well Aware website.

Reducing the risk of dementia

There is no certain way to prevent all types of dementia. However, a healthy lifestyle can help lower your risk when you are older. It can also prevent many other long term conditions.

To reduce your risk of developing dementia and other serious health conditions, it’s recommended that you:

Hints and tips about the simple things we can all do are available on the Dementia friends website

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