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Special rules

In addition to limits on some materials, there are some rules you need to be aware of to use our Sort It recycling centres safely and legally.

Vehicle registration

All vehicles used to take waste to the Sort It recycling centres must be registered. If your vehicle is not registered it will be turned away from site.


Trailers smaller than two metres in length can be used at our Yate, Mangotsfield, and Thornbury sites.

Trailers are not allowed at the Little Stoke Sort It recycling centre at any time.


Vans must be registered to use the Sort It recycling centres. Check your vehicle type before you register.

Vehicles weighing more that 3.5 tonnes are not allowed at any of the sites at any time.

There is a 1.8 metre height restriction at the Little Stoke Sort It recycling centre.

Business and commercial waste cannot be disposed of at the Sort It recycling centres at any time.

Pedestrian and cyclist access to Sort It recycling centres

The tips/recycling centres can be dangerous for cyclists or pedestrians. If you wish to walk or cycle to the sites you must call ahead to arrange a time to meet a member of staff at the entrance.

Pedestrian and cyclist access to Sort It recycling centres procedure

Carrying waste for others

If you have a neighbour or relative living in South Gloucestershire who cannot take their own household waste to a Sort It recycling centre (due to mobility or transport problems) you may take their materials to site on their behalf. You can register your vehicle to their address to access the site as long as the waste is from their property and you bring proof of residency.

If you are being paid to transport waste on behalf of another person, the waste should be disposed of as commercial waste and cannot be brought to the public sites.

Please separate any items that can be reused or recycled from non-recyclable waste to speed up your journey and help us to recycle as mush as possible.

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