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Our council tax (01454 868003) and benefits (01454 868002) telephone lines are currently unavailable. Please call 01454 868009 instead and you will be redirected to the correct service area. We apologise for any inconvenience caused and will let you know once this has been resolved.

Waste and recycling collections from flats

Flats in South Gloucestershire have communal waste and recycling facilities. Recycling is collected from three types of bin:

  • paper and cardboard
  • plastics and cans
  • glass bottles and jars
  • non-recyclable waste bin

We are unable to collect waste left on the floor on the communal waste facilities and will only collect waste when the area is safe to enter. All bin lids must be closed in order for a collection to take place. We cannot empty overfilled bins.

Unwanted large household items left in the bin storage area will not be collected and should be taken to one of the Sort It centres. Collections can be arranged for large items of furniture.

Help keep your bins clean by rinsing glass bottles and jars, plastic food packaging and food and drink cans.

Report a problem with a bin store

Paper and cardboard bin

You can recycle:

  • newspapers
  • magazines
  • envelopes without windows
  • brochures
  • catalogues
  • junk mail
  • telephone directories
  • cardboard

Please note: large cardboard packaging that will not fit inside the bin can be stored next to it. Remove all plastic and polystyrene packing and flatten all cardboard for recycling.

Do not use this bin for:

  • takeaway pizza boxes
  • cartons (Tetra Paks)
  • envelopes with windows
  • paper or cardboard containing food

Plastics, cans, aerosols and foil bin

You can recycle:

  • plastic bottles
  • yogurt pots
  • margarine and ice cream tubs
  • meat trays and fruit punnets
  • food and drink cans and tins
  • foil and foil containers
  • aerosols

Do not use this bin for:

  • black plastic
  • crisp packets
  • pet food pouches
  • carrier bags
  • cling film
  • polystyrene
  • plastic packaging or cans that contain food

Glass bottles and jars bin

You can recycle:

  • glass bottles
  • glass jars

Do not use this bin for:

  • heatproof or drinking glass
  • glass packaging that contains food

Non-recyclable waste

This bin is for non recyclable household waste.

We have specific pages where can find out about garden waste

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