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We have two schemes to help families with children in nappies to reduce and manage their waste.

Happy Nappies scheme

Switching to reusable nappies, even part time, helps to reduce waste, save money and help the environment. Using just one reusable nappy a day could save 912 disposable nappies going to waste and save you up to £700.

Our reusable birth to potty kit (provided by Bambino Mio) contains everything you need to get started with reusable nappies and now includes a wet nappy bag to make it easier to use your Happy Nappies while you’re out and about.

Each birth to potty kit costs £151.40 and contains:

  • 15 miosolo all-in-one nappies in a variety of designs
  • 50 mioliners (biodegradable nappy liners)
  • 300g miofresh (nappy cleanser)
  • 1 reusable wet nappy bag
  • 1 nappy bucket
  • 2 laundry bags

Our booster kits (provided by Bambino Mio) are a great way to make the switch to reusable nappies if you just want use them part time, or  to expand your existing kit.

Each booster kit costs £62.10 and contains:

  • 6 miosolo all-in-one nappies in a variety of designs
  • 50 mioliners (biodegradable nappy liners)
  • 100g miofresh (nappy cleanser)

Order your kit or booster kit using button below. Choose ‘Other payments’, then ‘Waste management’ and ‘Happy Nappies reusable birth to potty nappy kit’ or ‘Happy Nappies booster kit’. Once you have made your purchase, the waste management team will contact you.

Please read the terms and conditions before you place your order.

Kits are delivered to South Gloucestershire residents free of charge. If you do not live in South Gloucestershire you will need to collect your kit from us at South Gloucestershire Council Offices, Badminton Road, Yate, Bristol BS37 5AF.

Order a reusable nappy kit

We are working with Bath and North East Somerset, North Somerset and Bristol City to promote reusable nappies through our Nappy Change for Good campaign.

User guide and care instructions

Free disposable nappy collections

To help families with young children in disposable nappies to manage their black bin waste we offer a free nappy collection service. This service is available to families with children aged under five in disposable nappies.

The nappy waste is collected by the same vehicle that empties the black bins and is mixed with waste for disposal. The bags are provided to give households with children in nappies extra space in their black bin for normal non-recyclable waste if needed.

We will deliver a roll of 60 purple nappy collection bags to you that can be used for nappy waste only. You can put the bags out next to (or inside, if there is space) the black bin by 7:00am on your normal black bin collection day.

The nappy bags can only be used for:

  • disposable nappies
  • wipes
  • nappy sacks
  • cotton wool

If the bags contain any other type of waste they will not be collected.

Please use the button below to order your free bags.

Order nappy bags


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