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Local Green Space Designations

Local Green Space Designation is a way to provide special protection against development for green areas of particular importance to local communities. The designation must conform with national planning policy and as such is not suitable for most spaces. The council first designated spaces in the Policies, Sites and Places (PSP) Plan, adopted in 2017. Within the PSP Plan, policy PSP4 Designated Local Green Spaces outlines the specific protection afforded to these spaces, also included in the document is a full list of all spaces designated upon adoption of the PSP Plan in November 2017.

During the Examination in Public of the Policies, Sites and Places (PSP) Plan, the council agreed to reassess all nominated spaces that were not designated in the PSP Plan, through the development of the next Local Plan. The South Gloucestershire new Local Plan (2018-2036) is now being progressed and details can be viewed at The information presented below reports the position reached at the end of the PSP Plan process. The reassessment of spaces has not yet been undertaken.

Local Green Space Designations Interactive Map

Interactive Map

This Interactive Map displays:

  1. the Local Green Spaces designated in the PSP Plan and which are subject to Policy PSP4 Local Green Space Designations, of the PSP Plan
  2. nominated, but not designated spaces which will be reassessed through the progression of the new Local Plan. These spaces are displayed with information outlining why it was not designated in the PSP Plan. The spreadsheet below also displays this information and also details spaces where no map was provided

Local Green Space nominations consultation February 2018 spreadsheet


During the February-April 2018 Local Plan consultation comments were invited on Local Green Space designations and nominations, as well as submission of new spaces via this Response Form. This consultation closed on the 30 April 2018 and responses are now being processed.

Please see the guidance on Local Green Space Designations for further information on the reassessment and designation process.

New Local Plan Consultation

The South Gloucestershire Local Plan February 2018 consultation took place between 5 February and 30 April 2018 and included a discussion point about the designation of Local Green Spaces. Details of the consultation can be found here:

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