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Get ready for Brexit. Information on how we are preparing for Brexit in South Gloucestershire.

Local plan 2018-2036 evidence base

Below is the collection of supporting evidence base gathered during the development of the Local Plan 2018 – 2036. This page will be updated as new evidence is prepared and available.

Energy Management, Renewables and Low Carbon Energy

1.    Carbon Reduction Requirement Study 2018 – joint evidence is being gathered by the West of England unitary authorities to explore the best way of reducing carbon emissions from new development through local plan policies.

Investigates how much it would cost for new residential and non-residential development to achieve a zero carbon standard.

Explores the practicalities of implementing a potential Carbon Offsetting local plan policy.

Electric Vehicles (EV)

1.   Planning Policy for Electric Vehicles in New Development – joint evidence base to support the development of planning policy for electric vehicles (EVs) in new developments.

Gypsy and Traveller Accommodation

1.    Gypsy and Traveller Accommodation Assessment 2017 Explanatory Note February 2018

Habitats Regulations Assessment

1.    Habitats Regulations Assessment (HRA) Statement February 2018

Housing and Economic Land Availability Assessment

1.    Housing and Economic Land Availability Assessment webpage

2.    Draft Housing and Economic Land Availability Assessment Methodology 2018

Local Green Spaces

1.    Local Green Space Designation webpage


1.    Minerals evidence webpage

Strategic Development Locations

1.    Report of the Autumn 2017 Strategic Development Location Events

2. Employment Role and Function of Proposed Strategic Development Locations (SDLs) in South Gloucestershire

Sustainable Access Profiles

1.    Sustainable Access Profiles webpage

2.    Sustainable Access Profiles Methodology 2018

Sustainability Appraisal

1.    Sustainability Appraisal February 2018

2.    Updated Sustainability Appraisal Scoping Report and representation on the Draft Scoping Report February 2018

Urban Living

1.   South Gloucestershire Local Plan Consultation, Report on March 2018 Stakeholder Workshops and Public Drop-In Events (Nash Partnership)

2.   Urban Localities Review of Potential – Description, Context and Principles December 2017 (Nash Partnership)

3.   Urban Localities Review of Potential: Supplementary Report – Prospectus and Delivery August 2018 (Nash Partnership)



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