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Scheduled monuments

In South Gloucestershire there are currently 37 scheduled monuments. These sites range from prominent hillforts such as Sodbury Camp (a large multivallate hillfort) to bridges and churchyard crosses. No works to a scheduled monument can occur without express permission from Historic England. This relates to both above and below ground works. The procedure is known as Scheduled Monument Consent or SMC. ‘Works’ are defined by the 1979 Act as demolishing, destroying, damaging, removing, repairing, altering, adding to, flooding or tipping material onto the monument. To avoid the possibility of damaging a monument, and therefore carrying out unlawful works, you are strongly advised to consult Historic England while in the early planning stages of any intended works.

Below are links to further information for each of the scheduled monuments:

Planning Permission and Scheduled Monument Consent

Certain development works to your property may require planning permission from the council, but obtaining such permission does not remove the need for Scheduled Monument Consent. The South West Office of Historic England can be contacted at:
Historic England
29 Queen Square
Bristol BS1 4ND
Telephone: 0117 975 1308
Fax: 0117 975 0701


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