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General information about trees

We look after thousands of trees growing on our highway verges, in our parks, open spaces and woodlands.

We are not responsible for privately owned trees.

Reporting an issue with a council owned tree

The following list are issues the council do not prune or fell trees for. Before reporting an issue with a council owned tree, please ensure you read the councils tree asset management plan, which can be found on our Tree asset management plan page.

SGC do not prune or fell trees for:

• trees affecting the ingress of light to a property
• trees overhanging private properties
• leaf drop
• fruit drop
• seed drop
• television or satellite reception
• encroaching roots into a property
• bird mess
• squirrels or other rodents

The Council will only undertake work to its own trees at the request of a third party if a tree is dead, dying, diseased or dangerous or will soon become so, or if otherwise required by law. If you have a question about a tree by the side of a road or if you find a problem with a tree, whether it is from damage or an emergency, you can report the issue using the following form:

Report a problem with a tree

Who you should contact about storm-damaged or dangerous trees

You can report the incident to the Streetcare Helpdesk on 01454 868000. Try to provide as much information as you can and report the situation as ‘urgent’. The call will be logged for the urgent attention of the tree officer.

Television reception

Often, this problem can be rectified by repositioning the aerial or satellite dish. Where this is not possible, there are boosters available which strengthen the signals from aerials. If you are having problems with television reception because of trees close to your house you can contact Ofcom and request a written report from their engineers. Once you have this report you should contact the tree officer through the Streetcare Helpdesk on 01454 868000.


If you think a council owned tree may be causing subsidence or other damage to your home or other building, please contact your home insurers before making a claim to the council. They may wish to progress this matter with our Risk Management and Insurance department and will advise you appropriately.

The Risk Management and Insurance team are experiencing an extremely high level of cases at this time and your enquiry may not be answered immediately.


If you have noticed a vandalised tree on council-owned land, please report it to the Streetcare Helpdesk on 01454 868000. They will log the call for the attention of the tree officer.

Trees on private land

We can’t give you advice about trees on private land unless the tree has a tree preservation order (TPO) on it and is considered to be at risk, it is thought to be imminently dangerous or if the problem relates to a high hedge. If you want advice about the maintenance of a tree on your own land please contact a tree surgeon.

Tree planting

If you would like to know about tree planting in your area, please contact the Streetcare Helpdesk on 01454 868000. They will log the enquiry for the tree officer.

Tree preservation orders and conservation areas

We have specific pages about tree preservation orders, conservation areas and planning conditions. To find out whether a tree is protected by a preservation order or is in a Conservation Area please contact our planning department on 01454 868004 or email

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