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Processing building regulations applications

When we receive a building regulations application, we follow a number of steps before making a decision on your application.


We will check whether we have all the information we need to register your application. This will include checking that the correct fee has been paid. We also check the Wessex Water map of sewers to make sure whether the development will be within three metres of a public sewer. A building notice may not be submitted where the proposed work is within three metres of a public sewer.

If your application is invalid we will contact you by letter within three working days, identifying what you need to provide for us to validate it.

Once an application is received and validated works may commence on site. You will need to notify us when works are due to commence to enable us to carry out a site inspection.

Registration and scanning

Once the application has been validated, it will be registered and an acknowledgement sent to you or your agent. The application will then be scanned and the plans forwarded to our surveyors for checking.


Before making a decision on your application we will consult Wessex Water, Avon Fire and Rescue and other services such as environmental health.

Assessment of the application

We will assess your application against the national building regulations and any other relevant guidance. A full plans application will receive a full check by a building control surveyor within 15 days from the date that the application was made valid. A building notice application will not be assessed until a building control surveyor makes their first site inspection. An application will normally receive a decision within three to five weeks. The application may be approved, approved with conditions or rejected. If plans are rejected, a revised application may be submitted without an additional fee.

Site inspections

Once an application is received and validated works may commence on site. Our surveyors will visit the site on average eight times throughout the project. An inspection framework is included on our acknowledgement letter and the owner is responsible for making sure we are notified at the right stages to inspect the work as it progresses. We would recommend that work does not commence until the application is approved.

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