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Keep safe (easy read)

bullying and safeguarding

Everybody has the right to live their life free from violence, fear and abuse.

Everybody has the right to live in safety.

You have these rights, especially if you are

  • disabled
  • ill
  • an older person
person reading information

We have provided links to useful leaflets on this page to help you keep safe.

street light at nightime

Here is some helpful advice to keep safe when

  • you go outside
  • you are outside
  • you come back home

This leafletĀ tells you what anti social behaviour is.

It also tells you how to report it.


Abuse is when someone does or says something to you which harms you and makes you upset and scared.

This leaflet explains what adult abuse is and how to recognise it.

It explains what to do if you are worried there may be abuse to you or others.

It includes details on who to contact.

safe place

We support places in South Gloucestershire such as

  • libraries
  • shops
  • community centres

to become a Safe Place for people with disabilities or learning difficulties.

You can call into a Safe Place if something goes wrong.

You may have lost something, your bus has not turned up or someone may have been unpleasant to you.

There could be many reasons.

Here is a list of Safe Places in South Gloucestershire.