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We all have a special responsibility for dealing with public funds and assets. The council controls millions of pounds of public money and we take very seriously the high expectations of the public and the degree of scrutiny to which the affairs of the council are subject.

Our core values emphasise the importance of using our resources wisely to deliver value for money. Proper accountability, achieved through probity, internal control and honest administration is therefore essential.

We are proud of the excellent reputation we have established for integrity and honesty. Acts of dishonesty within our council are rare and, consistent with the rest of the public sector, the council has a very good track record responding to fraud perpetrated against it by individuals attempting to obtain assets, claim benefits or occupy affordable social housing, to which they are not entitled. But, as in all organisations, things may go wrong and, in case they do, we must have procedures for combating fraudulent or improper attempts to obtain assets or services.

A series of documents have been produced to advise staff and the public on the action they should take if they have a concern which they wish to report.

Whistle blowing

Our whistle blowing policy sets out the process for a protected disclosure of information to be made in situations where employees and other workers/suppliers covered by this policy have reasonable belief that there is serious wrong-doing at work by other employees, managers, councillors, suppliers, contractors or others acting on behalf of the council and that this disclosure is in the public interest.


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