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Get ready for Brexit. Information on how we are preparing for Brexit in South Gloucestershire.

Strategic performance

The council strategy progress report provides an update on progress against the council strategy.​

The council strategy sets out our ambitions for the council and the key areas of focus over the next four years. It is primarily focused on the things that we as a council are delivering and reflects our contribution to the community strategy.

As the council’s main strategic plan, it is important that we review progress against the council strategy on a regular basis. The council strategy progress report therefore provides an overview of progress every six months.

Each report is published by the Policy and Resources Committee.

The report is structured according to five themes – Our Place, Our Economy, Our Communities, Our Health and Our Council. Progress against some of the key measures of success is included within each theme.

The report is focused at a high level. Further information on performance and more detailed progress against many of the key areas within the council strategy is provided through departmental, partnership and service committee reports. ​

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