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House to house collections

If you wish to carry out a door-to-door, pub-to-pub or house-to-house collection you will need a licence to do so. Pub-to-pub collections also need permission from the landlord.

Many larger charities have Home Office ‘orders of exemption’. These orders allow them to carry out collections throughout the county without the need for a licence from us.

How to apply

You should apply for a permit at least 28 days before you intend to carry out your collection, confirming the specific location. A permit is issued free of charge.

Failure to hold a licence

You can be fined up to a maximum of £1000 or be liable for up to six months imprisonment if you don’t have a licence. Any person found to be collecting without a licence can be fined up to a maximum of £200.

One month after the collection has taken place you must tell us how much you have collected. This statement should be signed by a qualified accountant or an independent responsible person.

If you wish to apply and/or require further information about House to House Permits, please visit our House to House Collections page.

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