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Bromley Heath Viaduct

The construction of the site compound will be carried out from Tuesday 18 April for three weeks on the public open space, off Bromley Heath Road (see the map below). This work will be undertaken during the day between 9.30am to 3.30pm. The main work on the viaduct will not begin until the summer.

During the site compound construction, the 2+ lane on Bromley Heath Road (approaching the Bromley Heath Roundabout) will be closed. Bromley Heath Road will remain fully open at all times.

We are developing a local traffic plan for the duration of the Bromley Heath Viaduct maintenance work and have now held a series of engagement events with residents, employers and commuters to discuss your views on our proposed traffic measures during the duration of the work. We will hold a second series of events when we have finalised our traffic management plan in June.

The Bromley Heath Viaduct was constructed in February 1966 as a single carriageway road over the River Frome and in 1988 was changed to a dual carriageway. Today, the viaduct carries approximately 55,000 vehicles and 500 cyclists a day. In its current form the viaduct is in need of maintenance work on:

  • pier strengthening
  • bearing and hinge replacement
  • drainage improvements
  • water proofing
  • parapet replacement
  • concrete repairs

Watch our short video that explains the work required on the Bromley Heath Viaduct


The location of Bromley Heath viaduct

We now have the opportunity to bring the structure up to standard and improve the viaduct through the financial support of the Challenge Fund and Cycling Ambition Fund from the Department for Transport.

After considering a range of options, councillors decided to begin the work on the Bromley Heath Viaduct in the summer for a maximum duration of one year, but with an aim to try to secure additional funding to accelerate the work programme and reduce the timescale.

Both the essential maintenance of the viaduct structure and the improvements to widen the shared footpath for cyclists and pedestrians will be combined, which means that the total maximum time required on site would be one year rather than two.

We have already undertaken some preparatory work. The work includes assessing wildlife habitats and clearing vegetation where the anticipated work will take place. In addition, ecological surveys have been completed before the vegetation clearance and mitigation planting programmes will also be rolled out post completion.

The extent of the work will require the southern viaduct to be closed to all traffic for the duration of the project.

This is because the removal of the worn out parts of the structure will mean that it is too weak to safely carry any traffic until the maintenance is complete. Therefore, a crossover link will be created for the duration of the work and the current two lanes in both directions over  the viaducts will reduce to one lane in each direction. Please see the below map that illustrates how people and vehicles will be able to travel over the viaduct.

Bromley Heath viaduct traffic management

This is one of the busiest sections of the A4174 and will cause significant delays. We understand that this scheme may cause disruption and disturbance to residents, communities and businesses and would like to apologise in advance and kindly ask for your patience whilst this work is taking place. To help facilitate traffic movements, we have carried out traffic modelling and identified alternative travel routes across key areas, that the work will significantly impact. Please see the below schematic plan which illustrates possible alternative routes. These alternative routes will be discussed at our engagement meetings, details of these events are at the top of the page. Maps showing our traffic management proposals are available in the Downloads section of this page. Please note these proposals are indicative only and are subject to change following resident engagement.

Traffic measures for the viaduct

For more information on the Challenge Fund work please visit:

If you have any queries please do not hesitate to or call us on 01454 868000.

Please also follow our Facebook account for the latest news and updates on this scheme.

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