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Highway licences

If you propose to occupy or open part of a road (i.e. carriageway, footway, footpath or cycle path), there is a requirement to obtain permission from the local roads authority by applying for the relevant permit.

Please make sure you read the relevant conditions for the type of license you require before completing the application form. In some circumstances it may be necessary for us to turn down applications because the proposed site is considered to be potentially hazardous. In these cases the fee remains non-refundable. Please allow five working days for us to process your application. We will not begin to process your application until we have received all of the relevant information


Where practicable, skips should be placed within property boundaries. If you would like to hire a skip to be placed on private land, i.e. in a front garden, then no licence is required.

Road occupation – in connection with building work

Includes cranes, cherry pickers, building materials, scaffolding, hoarding, porta cabins and huts

Highway projections

Includes bridges, canopies, banners, wires and signs

Road opening – Section 50

Further information on Section 50 licences

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