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Positive Activities Subsidy

South Gloucestershire Council’s Children and Young People Committee agreed to renew the Positive Activities Subsidy (PAS) for three years until 2019, but at a reduced level. This provided £250,000 PAS in year one (these grants have already been awarded and projects completed), £225,000 in year two (2017/18) and £150,000 in year three (2018/19). The current scheme will run from 1 April 2016 until 31 March 2019 and no further commitments have been made beyond that date.

Positive Activities consultation launch

We are looking for new ways to deliver positive activities for young people and want to get a better picture of what youth activities are needed and where they should be, as well as how they should be provided within available resources.

A needs assessment of young people has been completed and from this we have proposed some areas that we think should be considered for future council funded youth provision. We are now seeking views from young people, organisations and/or potential providers of positive activities. The consultation period runs until Wednesday 15 November 2017.

Take part in the consultation

Background information is also available by downloading the Communications Brief for October 2017

What is a Positive Activities Subsidy grant?

The purpose of this grant is to fund positive activities for young people in South Gloucestershire aged 13-18 years of age. Activities should be supported by appropriately qualified or trained staff and they must be accessible, affordable, wanted and valued by young people. Activities and programmes should show how they benefit young people’s health, learning or social and personal development.

How do apply for a Positive Activities Subsidy grant?

The Positive Activities Subsidy application process for 2017-19 is now closed and the total funds available under the scheme have been allocated up to 2019. A list of the projects we have funded can be viewed below.

Positive Activity Subsidy awards 2017-19

Applicant Brief description of project 2017/18 2018/19
Youth & Community Services To provide 1 youth club session a week in Charfield. £4,000 £3,000
Bitton Parish Council To provide 2 evening sessions a week at the youth club. £ 8,000 £6,000
Juice Community Centre Support for a detached youth programme (Streetgames) to tackle ASB in Cadbury Heath & Barrs Court.



The YOU Foundation Music project and detached youth work at Staple Hill. £7000 £4,700
Bradley Stoke Town Council

Support for 3 weekly sessions in Bradley Stoke.

Detached youth work session from Jubilee court, a Girls & Young Women’s project night from the Jubilee Centre and a detached / street based session from the skatepark.

£8,000 £6,000
Foundation for Active Community Engagement (FACE) 1 weekly evening detached & outreach youth work session. £4,000 £4,000

Creative Youth Network


(Lead partner for partnership project with Southern Brooks, Krunch Southwest and the Diversity Trust).

To support a programme of youth activities in Hanham, Patchway, Stokes,

Wickwar, Frampton Cottrell, Thornbury and Pucklechurch. Plus 9 LGBTQ sessions run from Yate.







Chipping Sodbury Youth Centre To run a youth club in Chipping Sodbury for 3 nights a week £9,000 £7,000
Yate Town Council To provide continue youth provision for 2 nights at St Nicholas and 2 nights of detached youth work using the mobile vehicle.







£194,000 £119,000

Grant awards

We publish all grant awards over £500 as part of our obligations under the Local Government Transparency Code. This code is issued to meet the government’s desire to place more power into citizens’ hands to increase democratic accountability. It makes it easier for local people to contribute to the local decision making process and help shape public services. You can download our payment data in relation to the Positive Activities Subsidy 2014/15 and 2015/16.

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