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What you can recycle

Only registered vehicles can be used at the Sort It recycling centres. Any unregistered vehicles will be turned away from site. Register now at

There are four Sort It recycling centres in South Gloucestershire for residents to dispose of recyclable and non-recyclable household waste.

You can recycle most of your household waste and recyclable items must be sorted on site into the correct containers. You can find out what can be recycled at each site using the links below.

Every site can accept non-recyclable household waste including larger items such as mattresses. The smaller site at Little Stoke cannot accept plastics, plasterboard, hardcore/rubble, paper, cans or glass.

There are restrictions on some types of waste such as DIY and hazardous waste that you need to be aware of if you wish to use our Sort It recycling centres. Please check our Special waste page for more details about restricted waste and non-recyclable waste.


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