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Special waste including DIY waste

You can bring household waste to all of the Sort It recycling centres. The site at Little Stoke does not have facilities for certain items. You can find a full list of what you can take to each of the sites on the What you can recycle page.

Bagged waste

75% of bagged waste brought to the Sort It recycling centres could have been recycled.

If you bring bagged waste to the recycling centres, you will be asked to open bags so a site operative can check for any recyclable items. If bags contain recyclable items, you will need to remove them before you can dispose of the waste. Alternatively, you can take the bag home and sort these items before visiting the recycling centre. Bags that do not contain recyclable items will still need to be opened and checked before throwing them away.

There are also restrictions on some types of waste which are not classed as household:

DIY and construction waste

Small amounts of DIY and construction waste up to a maximum amount of 6 bags or similar volume, per household, per month can be accepted at the Mangotsfield, Yate, and Thornbury Sort It recycling centres.

Quantities over the 6 bag limit carry a charge payable to SUEZ (inclusive of VAT):

Bags – based upon bag size of 16 x 25 x 39 inches / 41 x 64 x 99cm

  • each bag over the 6 bag limit – £2.50 per bag

Trailers – prices based on material left in the trailer after the 6 bag limit has been reached

  • trailers up to 1 metre in length – £10
  • trailers between 1 metre and 1.5 metres in length – £15
  • trailers between 1.5 metres and 2 metres in length – £25

If you are bringing a van or trailer to the site, please check the restrictions on times and locations.

DIY and construction waste created through commercial activity will not be accepted at our tips / recycling centres. This includes waste created by others who you have paid for home improvements.

Special waste

We can accept the following waste but please speak to a member of staff when you arrive as they must be stored in a secure or special area

  • acids
  • asbestos – there are special skips at Mangotsfield, Yate and Thornbury for bonded sheet asbestos. It must be double wrapped in sealed plastic before being placed in the special skip and a maximum of 6 sheets.
  • creosote
  • engine oil –1 gallon (5 litres) per visit
  • fire extinguishers – household sizes only
  • fluorescent tubes and energy saving light bulbs
  • lead-acid car batteries
  • medicines and pharmaceuticals
  • mobile phones
  • poisons, pesticides, herbicides, wood preservatives and weed killers
  • photographic chemicals
  • refrigerators and freezers – there is a separate area for these at Sort It centres
  • solvents and other flammables (for example paraffin)
  • televisions and computer monitors
  • toxic paints and paint strippers
  • vehicle tyres – only four tyres per household per year

Items that cannot be accepted:

  • petrol, diesel – the Sort It centres are not licensed to take these
  • gas bottles – these remain the property of the supplier and should be returned to them
  • Japanese knotweed – this is an invasive species that cannot be disposed of with household waste
  • waste produced as a result of a commercial or business activity – the household sites are licensed for resident’s household waste only. Commercial waste can be taken over the weigh bridges at the transfer stations next to the public sites at Carsons Road, Mangotsfield and Collett Way, Yate. Charges apply.
  • vehicles or car parts containing hazardous material or substances (including residue) such as fuel, oil, brake fluid etc. If you have a caravan, a large quantity of vehicle parts, or a large vehicle to dispose of, contact a vehicle dismantler (these can be found in your local telephone directory or online). Remember to ask to see a Waste Carriers Licence and find out where the waste will be disposed of.
  • industrial or commercial fire extinguishers
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