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We are making changes to the way we manage planning applications that will come into effect on Thursday 1 November, 2018. Most users will not notice any big changes, but we hope there will be noticeable improvements in the speediness and consistency of the decisions made which will improve the service we provide. Find out more…

Getting involved in meetings and committees

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Decision-making meetings

These are the meetings of the full Council (all 70 councillors making basic policy framework decisions), the main committees (Policy and Resources, Environment and Community Services and Children, Adults and Public Health). Decision making meetings also include Development Control (planning) meetings and Public Rights of Way meetings (which exercise their independent statutory duty to make specific decisions within their remit). All these meetings are open to the public and you are welcome to attend and speak.

Taking part yourself

All meetings have a slot where you are welcome to speak and make your views known to councillors. There may also be journalists present, so your views might get wider coverage. You can speak about anything that is within the subject of the meeting. For more help or information contact Democratic Services on 01454 864117.

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