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We are making changes to the way we manage planning applications that will come into effect on Thursday 1 November, 2018. Most users will not notice any big changes, but we hope there will be noticeable improvements in the speediness and consistency of the decisions made which will improve the service we provide. Find out more…

Commissioning and procurement strategy

On the 7 April 2014 the Policy & Resources Committee approved the new Commissioning & Procurement Strategy. The council spends approximately £170m per annum on externally procured services and it is essential that effective planning goes into the commissioning and procurement of these services and goods in order to provide value for money and high quality services and supply.

This is our third strategy. Over time this strategy has transformed and now includes the council’s first ever commissioning strategy. This includes a commitment to nationally recognised commissioning principles.

In order to achieve value for money the proposed strategy sets our key objectives for the next four years and is based around five key aims, these are:

  • Developing our approach to commissioning and localism
  • Efficient and effective procurement
  • Improvement
  • Supplier and contract management
  • Governance and sustainability

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