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Support at home and in the community

We provide a wide range of services to help adults of any age with disabilities to live as independently as possible.

Everyone is entitled to an assessment of their needs, where we will discuss with you the outcomes you wish to achieve and explore how these may be met. To apply for help from the council with personal care you will need to have an assessment. General information about adult social care provides you with more information about what is available and how to go about getting help from the council to stay well at home

If your assessment shows that you are eligible for support from the council, you will be financially assessed to see if you can contribute to the cost of your support – see funding care and support for more details. We will let you know how much we think it should cost to meet your needs.

You may choose to have a direct payment which means we provide you with the money (less any contribution you need to make) and you are able to choose how best to meet your needs – this includes employing your own staff, as well as choosing the care and support provider you wish to support you. Employing your own staff often gives you greater control and flexibility over your life.

You may also ask the council to arrange the support for you. This includes:

  • Home care (sometimes known as domiciliary care) can help people in their own homes who need support with personal care such as washing or dressing, or other practical daily tasks such as help with domestic chores.  Home care can also support people to go out in their local community and retain their independence. Our factsheet on home care gives you further details. If you are already receiving home care services and you need to contact your provider, you will find both their office and out of hours telephone number on the cover page of your service delivery pack
  • our emergency numbers are: 01454 868007 during office hours and 01454 615165 outside of these hours
  • day services to help you develop your skills or independence. Our promoting opportunities service offers a range of support and services.  We also commission support from a range of day services providers
  • a personal alarm system and range of telecare services
  • adaptations and help with day to day activities
  • equipment to help you stay well at home.

If you are intending to pay for and arrange your own support, please see our information on care and support providers, which includes tips on what to look for from a provider.


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