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Coronavirus (Covid-19): service updates, support and health advice.

Travel planning

During the coronavirus pandemic, the advice and support that is provided through our travel planning service will be regularly updated in light of the latest Government advice. For important travel advice regarding coronavirus visit the TravelWest website 

Travel Plans are one of a range of measures which aim to reduce traffic by helping people switch some or all of their car journeys for more sustainable and active forms of transport. There are lots of alternatives to using a private car, such as cycling, walking and public transport. Car clubs and car sharing are also more sustainable alternatives, however please follow Government advice on car sharing during the current coronavirus pandemic.

A good Travel Plan will aim to:

  • provide people with a range of travel options and information
  • provide support and encouragement to try new ways to travel through incentives, offers and training
  • improve health and fitness through active travel options
  • widen accessibility of sites and buildings
  • help to reduce air pollution and climate change emissions
  • minimise impact to the local transport system and reduce congestion
  • preserve valuable land and reduce parking costs
  • minimise the need for extensive transport infrastructure provision

Travel plans often include a variety of measures to encourage sustainable travel.

The Council currently delivers a number of travel plans across South Gloucestershire in two primary ways:

  • working with developers to deliver Travel Plans for new residential and commercial developments where appropriate
  • working with businesses, communities and schools to provide travel planning advice and support through DfT funded Access West. Further information can be found on the Travelwest website

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