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Road safety education for schools, colleges and universities

Road traffic collisions are one of the biggest causes of death and injury to young people aged 11-17.  This needless waste of life can be avoided, with your support we can help save lives.

Teenagers and young adults need a solid understanding of road safety issues that are relevant to them and enable them to make informed choices.

A range of resources and presentations are available to help young people:

  • getting to your new school safely – A leaflet to help new students to think about and plan the route to their new secondary school
  • getting around safety – A student workbook aimed at Year 7 topics include road signs/road markings, safety near bridges, crossing roads, cycle safety, bus safety. Includes teacher answer booklet
  • year 7-9 maths and science lesson plans. Years 7 geometry and forces and Year 9 statistics and speed
  • Ghost Street – Aimed at Year 9.  A DVD presentation delivered by a road safety officer raising awareness of pedestrian safety, cycle safety and in car safety
  • passenger safety aimed at Year 10. Presentation on peer pressure/distraction, delivered by road safety officer
  • don’t be that someone. A three part lesson plan aimed at 14-19 year olds raising awareness of drink drive situations
  • counting the cost of learning to drive – A PowerPoint presentation delivered by a road safety officer aimed at learner drivers
  • collision reconstruction – This is a whole year group presentation delivered by road safety officers in partnership with Avon Fire and Rescue Services reconstructing a scene of an accident with a real life casualty being cut out of a vehicle
  • Wrecked. This is an DVD resource aimed at Years 11/12 and 13 delivered by road safety officers using a collection of clips covering topics like drugs, distraction, speed, peer pressure to tell the consequences of life changing events
  • Drink/Drug Drive. Aimed at Year 13. One hour session made up of four mini workshops and includes, ‘Drink drive simulation, volume and measures, morning after and the law’
  • Get Clued Up – An anti-drug driving lesson plan for teachers aimed at 15-18 year olds students on the dangers of driving under the influence of drugs
  • Virtual Reality Peer Pressure Driving. Aimed at Years 12/13

We are available to attend fresher’s fairs and road safety days for colleges and universities offering young people the opportunity to think about their safety when travelling including cycle safety, powered two-wheelers, driver eye screening, and driving simulation.

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