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Motorcycles - tips for safer riding

Some basic advice on improving the safety of motorcyclists.

  • even if your bike is small and low powered, don’t ride too closely to the kerb if possible
  • whenever possible, ride so that you can see other vehicles and so that they can see you – at least midway between the kerb and the central white line. Remember, you may have to adjust this position for oncoming traffic or traffic emerging from a side road
  • never assume that another driver has seen you
  • if in doubt, alter your position and slow down
  • consider using your bike’s horn to draw drivers’ attention to your being there*
  • do not ride between lanes of traffic at high speed. Steady progress is still progress
  • remember cars and vans cannot get away from stationary like a motorcycle – make allowances
  • do not tailgate a car, sit away from it and give yourself space
  • make good progress but make it progressively. The road is not a race track. Riders who treat it as such do a disservice to the responsible motorcyclist
  • your speed should be appropriate to road conditions
  • regularly check your tyres
  • tyre pressures should be checked weekly. Underinflated tyres will cause handling and stability problems for you
  • we are all road users in one way or another. Be patient, be cautious and enjoy your motorcycling

*’Motorcycle Roadcraft’, The police rider’s handbook to better motorcycling.


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