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Driver refresher events

We run half day events targeting drivers aged 60 years and above. The population in this age group is increasing, and the number of people killed or seriously injured is also increasing.  Whereas experience is gained as the years roll by, reaction times and eyesight can suffer. The things we learnt in the Highway Code may be a distant memory, and the roads are considerably busier than they used to be.

At our Driver Refresher Events you can test your reactions on our driving simulator, have a driver eye test and speak to our partners such as the Police, Fire and Rescue and other relevant service providers. A free Highway Code is available. We have a one hour presentation covering topics such as The Highway Code, Speed Limits, advice and tips. We also offer a one hour assessed drive at a suitable time after the event using a local Approved Driving Instructor. If you would like this free event at your club or association, all we would need is a minimum of 20 attendees and a suitable room.

Please contact us for details.

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