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CRASH cards

CRASH cards help pass on vital information to ambulance crews if a motorcyclist is involved in an accident.

We also supply Crash Cards to cyclists. A small plastic wallet containing the riders information is stuck to the side of a cycle helmet.

The CRASH card programme includes a business size card for motorcyclists to provide vital information to medical staff should the motorcyclist be injured in a road traffic collision. A self-adhesive green dot is also included to be placed on the motorcyclist’s helmet to alert medical staff that the individual has a crash card on them. The crash card programme can save valuable time to help and assist injured motorcyclists.

  • request your CRASH card from
  • complete the crash card with vital information about you.
  • place the card in your motorcycle helmet lining
  • place the self-adhesive green dot on the right hand side of your motorcycle helmet.

CRASH card was created by the committee of the Ambulance Motorcycle Club a group of experienced paramedics and ambulance staff who are passionate about motorcycling.

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