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Keeping your bike safe at the station

In order to encourage people to use their bicycles, we have installed bicycle racks and lockers all over South Gloucestershire, especially at transport interchanges like rail stations.

We also encourage employers to do the same at workplaces. If you think there is a place where new cycle locking facilities would be useful – please let us know.

Long-term cycle lockers

South Gloucestershire Council has installed cycle lockers at Yate Railway Station, Filton Abbey Wood Station and at the Stoke Gifford Park & Ride site next to Parkway Station. These lockers are to help people who wish to cycle to and from the railway station on a regular basis.

There are a limited number of lockers, which are hired out for a small annual charge on a first come, first served basis. If no locker is available when you apply, your name will be kept on a waiting list until a locker becomes available, at which point we will write to you to ask whether you still wish to use the locker.

Currently the annual charge for hiring a locker is £30.50 a year and the deposit for the key is £27.60.

There is an application form available under downloads on this page.

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