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Coronavirus (Covid-19): service updates, support and health advice.

National rules and restrictions during coronavirus can be found on GOV.UK

How to use your concessionary Diamond Travelcard

To assist with travel to and from vaccination centres, WECA and North Somerset Council have relaxed the time restrictions on the use of Diamond/Platinum Travel card passes for journeys starting within our joint area. This easement will continue until 30th April 2021. We will consider an extension to that if needed and will respond to any change to Government guidance within that period as necessary.


Time restrictions may still apply in other areas – please check with the relevant council. Please follow Government guidance about travel.

It is important to contact us without delay if you have moved or are moving address, or your personal details have otherwise changed.

You can email, telephone 01454 868004 or visit our One Stop Shops. If the Travelcard holder passes away, then the executor or administrator of the estate should notify us and return the Travelcard to South Gloucestershire Council.

If you are of qualifying age, or eligible disabled and live in England, you can apply for a bus pass providing free off-peak travel on local buses anywhere in England.

The concessionary national travelcard is in the form of a smart card. In South Gloucestershire and in most other areas of England you should place your card against the ticket machine.

When you can travel with the travelcard

  • in South Gloucestershire, Bristol, North Somerset and Bath and North East Somerset, you can use your pass from 9.00am Mondays to Fridays (through to 2am the next day) and all day weekends and Bank Holidays, including journeys on the new MetroBus (Bristol)
  • in the rest of England (outside South Gloucestershire, Bristol, North Somerset and Bath and North East Somerset) you can use the pass from 9.30am until 11pm Monday to Friday and all day at weekends and Bank Holidays
  • off-peak times may vary in other regions so make sure you check before travelling
  • Wessex Connect are charging a £1 flat fare to people who travel before 9am on Mondays to Fridays on presentation of a travelcard

Where you can travel with the travelcard

  • the concessionary national travelcard provides free travel on ‘local services’ throughout England.
  • for these purposes, ‘local services’ are those buses which are part of the local bus network and will include the new MetroBus (Bristol) – in a few instances this may include longer distance bus and coach services, check with the operator or local authority before you travel to see if they are included
  • journeys can still be made into Wales from South Gloucestershire, on service X7 to Newport and Chepstow, however the travelcard cannot be used for other services once in Wales
  • the concessionary national travelcard is not valid for use on the sightseeing tour buses within Bath and Bristol
  • the concessionary national travelcard is not valid for free travel on coach services such as National Express, Megabus or Falcon –  check with the operators of these services about discounted fares they offer
  • the concessionary national travelcard is not valid for use on the A1 service that runs between Bristol Bus Station and Bristol Airport (Bristol Airport Flyer), nor on the A4 service between Bath and Bristol Airport. The travelcard will only be accepted for journeys between Bath and Bedminster Down or vice versa


  • concessionary card holders no longer receive a paper ticket when travelling on a First service
  • free bus travel is only available in England and not in other parts of the UK

You cannot use your pass in taxis or on trains.

Companion passes

South Gloucestershire Council will provide, on application, a companion pass to severely disabled residents who can only access local bus services with the assistance of a traveling companion.

The companion bus pass will have a letter C on it and entitles the companion to free bus travel when traveling with the bus pass holder on journeys that start within South Gloucestershire.

Any journey that starts outside the Local Authority area, travel companions maybe required to pay a fare. It does not need to be the same traveling companion on all journeys.


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