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National highways and transport survey

The National Highways and Transport Survey collects public perspectives on, and satisfaction with, highway and transport services in local authority areas. We are one of 106 local authorities to sign up to the NHT public satisfaction survey.

Each year local people are asked for their views on South Gloucestershire’s highways and transport services – from the condition of roads and footpaths to the quality of cycling facilities.

The results will enable us to find out what people think about our services and help us and gives the public an opportunity to say which services they think we should prioritise, and improve on.

The standardised survey ask members the public exactly the same questions, regardless where they live. The survey, which is being run for the ninth year is the largest collaboration between local authorities offering the opportunity to compare results, share in best practice and identify further opportunities to work together in the future.

The main service areas covered are:

  • Pavements and pedestrian facilities
  • Condition of roads and pavements
  • Highway maintenance
  • Cycling and cycling facilities
  • Public transport, buses
  • Roadworks
  • Managing traffic
  • Road safety
  • Rights of way
  • Taxis and minicabs and community transport

The survey also includes sections on:

  • Provision of information
  • Contact with the council
  • Using your car
  • Use of transport and access to services
  • About you (age, mobility, employment, etc.)

From June 27 onwards, the questionnaire will be sent to a minimum random sample of at least 3,300 of South Gloucestershire’s residents, with local and national results to be published in mid-October this year. Since the survey is based on a sample, residents that receive a copy are being urged to take part.

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