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Coronavirus (Covid-19): service updates, support and health advice.

Supporting businesses during the work

Advice for Employers

Essential repair works to the Bromley Heath Viaduct section of the A4174 are due to commence on 24 July for up to 33 weeks. The road will be reduced to one lane in each direction.
The following information will provide advice on what you can do to minimise the impact on your staff and business.

What are the works and why do they need to happen?

The works are essential to maintain the safety of this section of the A4174 and include: pier strengthening, bearing replacement, drainage improvements, water proofing, parapet and safety fence replacement, concrete repairs, and abnormal load carrying capacity improvements.
The works and why they are required are explained in more detail within this section of the website.
In parallel we will also create a new cycle and pedestrian path which will be wider than the current one to help reduce incidents between users. We will also be adding a barrier between the path and the carriageway to reduce the risk of collisions with vehicles.

Where to go for the latest information

Your main port of call for up to date information on traffic management plans including diversions, and potential changes to public transport will be available from: There is also a dedicated email address available to contact the team managing the works, and regular updates will be posted on a dedicated Facebook page,

What your business can do to minimise the impact

Clear and wide communication

Spread the message far and wide. Engage senior managers and cascade the information to all teams. Circulate information to staff with as much advance warning as possible. Update your intranet and noticeboard with information. Update guidance for new starters and visitors.

Internal point of contact

Expect an increase in staff reporting travel problems and make sure they have a clear person or place to go for help or referrals to other available support.

Flexible working locations and core hours

Where possible encourage and support impacted staff to work from home or alternative offices. If not already part of standard working practice temporary arrangements could be considered for the worst impacted staff who have no other viable way of avoiding peak time car journeys through the roadworks. As an employer you can help staff avoid peak times by implementing a flexible core hours policy that allows staff to arrive and leave earlier or later than peak times.

Reducing trips made by car and promote other modes

The works are an opportunity for those living more locally to travel more actively bringing with it a number of benefits to your staff and business. Make it clear that cycling and walking access will not be impacted by the works. Ensure staff are aware of the support the council can offer to encourage journeys to be made by walking, cycling or public transport – the Travelwest roadshow team are available to come on site to provide information and support to staff.

Reducing business travel

Encourage staff and visitors to consider whether business journeys through the works are essential. Journeys could be avoided through tele-conferencing or arranging in-person meetings to take place in an alternative location.

Recruit an internal cycle champion

Champion(s) will help colleagues to travel by bike, the Access WEST project will support champions by offering cycle repair kits, Dr Bike sessions, bike maintenance training and led rides/confidence training. Contact for more information.

How the Council can support you

Briefings from the Bromley Heath project team for management

Inform your management about the roadworks and take advantage of the Bromley Heath Viaduct team offering briefings to relevant managers within your company. Email Mike Dixon at to schedule a briefing.

Providing up to date information on alternative routes and diversions

Alternative routes will be publicised in advance, circulated to businesses, signed on-road, and warnings will be provided across the strategic road network including all motorways serving the area. Details of the Traffic Management Plan will change over time – up to date information and maps can be found at the Bromley Heath Viaduct webpage at

Financial grants to encourage walking and cycling

Apply for an employer grant for 50% of costs for staff travel facilities improvements, events, promotions or implementing new staff schemes. You can apply for anything that will encourage sustainable, active travel. For more details contact:

Tailored advice for staff through travel roadshows

Invite the TravelWest roadshow team in to run staff engagement stalls on all the free offers available from the council plus journey planning guidance, free maps and information. Contact for more information.

Access to free loan bikes

Staff can borrow a loan bike free for up to a month: electric bikes, commuter bike or fold-up bike loans which are provided from the council. Find out more from the Better by Bike website.

Information and free membership for car sharing

Join My Journey is a free portal organisations can register for to enable staff to share journeys with colleagues and employees from other organisations nearby. More details are available at

For residents and private individuals there are a number of options available, visit for more information.

Every little helps!

Whatever range of support you provide, the aim is to make it more convenient and
attractive for staff to give new travel modes a try and to travel sustainably when they can – be it once a fortnight, once a week or a few times a week. Make it clear to staff that nobody expects them to travel by bike every single day, only when they can and it fits conveniently with other commitments.

What next?

Alongside this information sheet, we have produced some supporting information outlining options available to support staff travel to work and help reduce the impact of the likely traffic congestion. The Bromley Heath pages of the South Gloucestershire Council website will be kept up to date and will be the first port of call for any information relating to the works, including timescales and planned traffic management routes:

Further information relating to travel and transport in the area, and particularly alternative transport options can be found at and


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