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Aztec west roundabout A38 southbound widening scheme

Please note this webpage only covers the Aztec West roundabout A38 southbound widening scheme. Other construction projects in the local area include the Metrobus project. For further details on the Metrobus work please visit the Travelwest website.

Status – Construction substantially complete.

The current situation

The Aztec West A38 Road widening project is now substantially complete and open for use by the public.

A small number of outstanding items remain including the erection of advanced direction signs, which are on order.

A project of this size requires the completion of a post construction ‘Road Safety Audit’ which has also been requested. It is hoped that the remaining items and any issues arising from the road safety audit will be completed in the new year.


The A38 Gloucester Road links the M5 at Junction 16 with Bristol city centre, providing access to the Strategic Road Network (SRN) from several significant employment sites within the North Fringe of Bristol. The A38 also provides links to large residential areas including Bradley Stoke, Patchway and Filton. It is one of the main routes serving the Cribbs Patchway New Neighbourhood (CPNN) and the Filton Enterprise Area.

A strategic transport traffic model was used to identify a package of measures designed to mitigate the impact of traffic arising from new developments. The package includes improvements at four junctions on the A38: J16 M5, Aztec West, Gipsy Patch Lane, and Filton roundabout. Forward funding has been secured at three of the four junctions to ensure infrastructure is in place prior to development, Aztec West roundabout is the remaining junction.

The following planned work is essential in order to improve the local infrastructure of the area.

The principles of the scheme as outlined in the following sections have already been agreed, and these are the conditions upon which the funding investments have been secured.

We recognise that the work may cause some disruption and will endeavour to minimise the impact. Further specific details regarding traffic management plans and timescales will be published nearer the time.

A public consultation for the scheme was undertaken from 5 August 2015 to 18 September 2015.

Purpose of scheme

  • the existing southbound approach to Aztec West roundabout is heavily congested at peak times and struggles to cope with the traffic demands made on it. The situation will deteriorate further as traffic growth continues. This presents a barrier to investment and growth in the surrounding areas that the A38 connects
  • there are no formal crossing facilities for pedestrians or cyclists at the roundabout itself. There are signal controlled crossings on Bradley Stoke Way and on the A38 to the South of the junction, but neither of these are on the direct desire lines at the roundabout. This results in some pedestrians and cyclists choosing to cross the roads at the roundabout itself, with attendant safety problems resulting. This is particularly an issue on the A38 northern approach to the junction

Proposed scheme details

The scheme comprises the improvement of the A38 Aztec West roundabout through the implementation of the following measures:

  • widening of the A38 approach to the roundabout from the North (from Junction 16) to provide six lanes entering the junction (compared to the existing four). This will enable two lanes to be dedicated to each of the key traffic movements (left to Bradley Stoke Way, straight on to the A38 towards Filton, and right turn to the Aztec West Business Park)
  • widening of the eastern side of the circulatory carriageway to provide four lanes through this part of the roundabout (two serving the straight-on movement to the A38 south and Filton, and two serving the right-turn into Aztec West Business Park)
  • installation of new pedestrian and cycle controlled crossing points across the A38 northern arm of the roundabout, and construction of linking shared use paths connecting the crossing points. Installation of new pedestrian and cycle controlled crossing points across the Bradley Stoke Way arm of the roundabout, and construction of linking shared use paths. Installation of new pedestrian and cycle controlled crossing points across the Aztec West arm of the roundabout, and construction of linking shared use paths
  • the existing northbound and southbound shared use footway / cycleway either side of the A38 will be widened to a minimum of 3m from Aztec West roundabout to the M5 Junction 16
  • view a plan of the proposed work

This programme of work is being planned and constructed in coordination with the improvements planned as part of the Metrobus project.

Frequently asked questions

What are you doing?

We are widening the southbound approach to Aztec West roundabout. Upgrading the northbound shared use path to three metres wide. Adding in new controlled crossings of Bradley Stoke Way, Gloucester Rd A38 north and Park Avenue.

Who is paying for the works?

The works are being funded by the West of England Local Enterprise Partnerships Local Growth Fund and the ‘Revolving Infrastructure Fund’ which is repaid by developer contributions as the planned developments take place.

What will the benefits be when the work is complete?

Widening the carriageway will provide additional lanes of capacity and provide continuous dedicated lanes through the junction. For example two A38 southbound ahead lanes feed into two roundabout circulatory A38 (s) lanes which join two A38 (s) exit lanes.

When will work start?

Work will commence in May 2016

When will work finish?

The estimated duration is 12 to 18 months depending on the progress of the utility diversions.

Why would the utility diversions take so long?

The roads, footways and verges are filled with a high volume of both local and national utility infrastructure. Because of the expanding routes and connections made by utilities over time many utilities can end up intertwined with each other. This makes it difficult to unpick the various services and predict what problems will arise.

What traffic management will be in place?

In the early stages when utilities are working in the southbound footway, narrow lanes will be employed but the number of lanes will be maintained. The southbound footway may need to be diverted to maintain pedestrian safety. While the utility work is being undertaken on the southbound side, work will be started on the northbound footway upgrades under off peak lane closures. Following stages will be announced closer to the time.

How will you keep people informed as work progresses?

Updates and information will be posted on this web page.

Journey times will increase significantly due to this work – what will you do about that?

Delays to traffic will always occur when there is traffic management in place, but we have tried to minimise the impact of this by maintaining traffic lanes and opening as much of the road as possible when traffic flows are highest (before 9.30am and after 3.30 pm).

Why could you not do these works during the Metrobus scheme?

The Metrobus and Aztec West widening works are funded differently and the money has been made available at different times. The schemes require different utility work and issues to be resolved. Linking the two projects together would place significant risk of cost and delays on each other’s work programme.

I want to complain or ask a question about these road works – how can I do that?

Contact Streetcare and Transport services on (01454) 868000

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