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Enhanced highway and street scene services

All areas of South Gloucestershire now receive the same standard of highway and street scene services as a core.

In addition to this, some communities have a range of enhanced services to meet local needs and priorities. These include:

  • more frequent grass cutting on highway land (ie. more than the two cuts per year provided via the core standard)
  • provision and maintenance of floral displays
  • provision and maintenance of hanging baskets
  • provision of dog waste bins including maintenance and emptying

These services are typically provided by parish or town councils, using funding from the parish precept. The services may be delivered directly by parish or town councils or by nominated contractors. Much of the latter is via the Streetcare teams of South Gloucestershire Council.

Please note that decisions about the provision of enhanced highway and street scene services are taken at a local (parish) level, in the spirit of the Localism initiative. As a result not all areas of South Gloucestershire receive the same enhanced services as determined by their respective parish or town council.

Enhance services in your area

Further information

Please see our detailed Localism in Highways and Street Scene services – FAQ for further information about our approach to localism, the core standard and the provision of enhanced highway and street scene services by parish and town councils.

You can also get in touch with us using the details on the left, or via Facebook and Twitter (@sgloscouncil).

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