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Pothole action fund 2018/19

We have been awarded £504,258 to spend on fixing and preventing pot holes in 2018/19.

This money will be spent on such treatments as:-

  • emergency pot hole repairs (especially after the recent adverse weather)
  • small scale pot hole/patching works to target pot hole cluster sites in estate roads.
  • larger scale patching works on the major routes to complement future maintenance works and to prevent defects forming.
  • joint and trench repairs
  • junction remedial works on high stress areas.

When do we fix a pothole?

We fix approximately 11,000 potholes every year but many more are reported to us. We have a duty to inspect all those reported to us but unfortunately we cannot fix those which do not meet our criteria.

We ask the public to only report potholes which measure 50mm deep and 300mm wide – or as big as a snooker ball and as wide as a 12 inch vinyl record.

If the hole is on a main or strategic road and in the middle of the lane we will fix it within 24 hours, or 14 days if it is not in the direct line of travel. For smaller roads, we will fix potholes within 12 weeks.

View our video about when we will fix a pothole.

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