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20mph speed limits

The introduction of 20mph speed limits can be effective at reducing the number and severity of collisions on a road or within a wider area. ​They can also encourage the use of walking and cycling for short trips within a local area, which can contribute to healthier life styles and help to reduce congestion and air pollution.

There are two types of permanent 20mph speed limits:

  • signed only 20mph speed limits can be introduced on single roads or over a wider area where existing speed readings show that the majority of drivers travel at or below 24mph.
  • 20mph zones are often introduced over a wider residential area and include physical traffic calming which helps to reduce speeds to 20mph making the speed limit self-enforcing.

It is a council ambition to introduce a form of 20mph provision outside all appropriate schools in South Gloucestershire.  This could be either a 20mph speed limit, a 20mph zone or a part time advisory 20mph in force when the school flashing wig wags are in operation.

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